About the House of Commons

The Westlake Academy House of Commons (HOC) is the 501(c)3 parent teacher organization of Westlake Academy.

The HOC helps with school-wide events, teacher appreciation efforts, spirit shop, uniform resale, funding staff proposals and grants, and more. We provide much needed support to the school to fill the gap on needs that cannot be satisfied within the school budget, such as speakers, bleachers, senior bricks, and smart boards. 

We ask each family to contribute an annual fee of $25 to offset HOC operating expenses (insurance, website hosting, credit card processing, storage, printing, etc.). The annual fee also gives you access to Membership Toolkit, the online school directory. Click below to pay the fee and access Membership Toolkit (you’ll also be prompted to update your directory contact information).


The purpose of the Westlake Academy House of Commons is building, serving and supporting the Westlake Academy Community and the fostering of a first-class education for all Westlake Academy students.

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