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Board of Director Elections

In the coming days, you will receive email updates regarding our elections for the 2022-2023 school year. We have many different roles and opportunities to help, from board positions to committee positions with smaller time commitments. Our goal is to create an environment where more individuals can get involved. We can all work toward the very BEST outcomes for the students and all of the Westlake Academy community.

We’ve posted our Board of Director position descriptions below, including the coordinating committees that fall under each director. Please take a look, particularly if you’re interested in serving. Self nominations are welcome. If you nominate another person, the election oversight committee will contact them to confirm their willingness to serve.


Please submit nominations by 12 p.m. on April 8

Board of Directors

Speaker of the House 2022/2023 – Mary Beth Rhea

The following Director positions are up for election. These are voting positions and regular meeting attendance is required. [Listed in Blue, click on title for detailed description]

The corresponding Committee Head positions are open for election. These are non-voting positions. Monthly meeting attendance is welcomed, but only required to provide periodic updates. [Listed in GREY] 

Vice Speaker (open first to any previous board members,  then to the general membership) 


Social Events Director

Daddy Daughter Dance (2nd Grade parents)
Mom Son Event (4th Grade parents)

Community Director

New Family Breakfast
New Family Social
New Family Mentor Program
Grandparents/Special Friends Day
Tears and Cheers (1st Grade parents)
MYP Community Coordinator

Communications Director

Social Media
Bulletin Board


Fundraising Director

Kidz Rule the School
Restaurant Spirit Nights

Volunteer Director

Room Parent Coordinator
Holiday Decorations
Food Allergy Coordinator

Teacher Appreciation

Spirit Shop Director

Online Spirit Shop Manager
Spirit Shop Retail Manager
Resale Coordinator





Questions about elections?

Contact: Chandrika Dasgupta, speaker@wahoc.org 


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