Our Online School Directory is on Membership Toolkit!

Westlake Academy families can stay connected with the community using Membership Toolkit, our new directory service. You can pay your HOC fee and get access to contact information for your childrens’ friends and family!

As we kick off the new school year, we are working to update the online school Directory. If you have not yet received an email to update your information, we invite you to visit wahoc.membershiptoolkit.com to update your family info in your Membership Toolkit Account. (If you have not previously set up your account, please follow the instructions below.)

During the update, you will also have the option to pay your annual HOC fee online. Paying the HOC fee will unlock full access to search the online directory.  

Instructions for First Time Setup

 Here’s what you need to do: 

    1. Complete the Parent/Family and Student Information.
    2. Complete the Directory/Publish Preferences.
    3. Once these forms are complete, you will be presented with the option to pay the HOC fee.

Once the Primary Account is set up, the Primary User can “invite” other email addresses to access his/her account.  This allows the Secondary User to have their own login information, but still have access to the family account.

Questions? – Please don’t hesitate to contact us at secretary@wahoc.org

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